The Shroud image as seen in a photo negative.

The Shroud of Turin is an ancient linen cloth approximately 14 feet long (4.4 meters) and bears the image of a crucified man covered with bloodstains that match the crucifixion of Jesus as recorded in the bible.  Could it be the actual burial linen that wrapped his body?

It has been in Turin, Italy since 1578 and arrived in France in 1356.  Some historians place the Shroud in Constantinople in 1204, and Edessa (Asia Minor) in 525.  The historical trail is not continuous and therefore raises questions.

Could it be a Jewish burial linen manufactured in First Century?

Is the Shroud nothing more than the work of an artist?

 This site attempts to answer some of the many difficult questions that have been posed over the years by well-meaning truth seekers and those with a decided agenda opposed to any possibility of authenticity.

The premise of this site is that the Shroud COULD be authentic.  The questions are answered from this standpoint.

One thing is for sure; the mysteries of the Shroud are many.  There are questions that may never be answered to any scientific satisfaction.

It is the Shroud’s enduring mystery that makes the subject so fascinating.  Read through the questions and the respective answers that have been posted by the Shroud Science Group (SSG), an online gathering of scientists and scholars from around the world whose lives have been dedicated to understanding this profound enigma.